Allied Refrigeration offers dry ice for sale in many forms: High Density Dry Ice Pellets for dry ice blasting, Dry Ice Rice Pellets for frozen foods, Dry Ice Standard Pellets for meat processing and frozen foods, Custom Dry Ice Slabs for a variety of uses, and Dry Ice Blocks for keeping ice cream cold and other foods cold.


Blocks and Cut Blocks

Block of Dry Ice

  • Standard dry ice block measures 10″ x 10″ x 12″
  • Approximately 60 lbs. each
  • Used for frozen food applications, especially in shipping ice cream
  • Used in grocery warehouses

Cut Blocks of Dry Ice

  • Dry ice available in custom sizes and is processed and packaged
    to customer specifications
  • Dry ice may be wrapped in Kraft paper or in poly

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Standard Pellets


  • 1/2″ diameter dry ice pellets
  • Used primarily in frozen food applications
  • Used in meat processing plants
  • Used for transportation of blood plasma and lab specimens

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High Density Blasting Pellets


  • 1/8″ diameter dry ice pellets
  • For use in dry ice blast cleaning systems

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